Modhupur National Park

modhupur-national-park4sModhupur Sal forest area was ruled by Palraz Vagodatta. Then the area was ruled by Ballal Sen .Modhupur and Bhawal Sal Forests were a continuous tract of dense forests and the Hindu rulers had very nominal control on the area .It was more or less no mans land . Communication network was also underdeveloped. The need and consumption of timber ws rather insignificant even half a century back. Therefore, forest protection was not a matter of concern.
Modhupur tract went to Joyen Shah during Mughal period and these forests came to be known as “Garh Joyenshahi”
The Garh Joyenshahi was purchased by Maharaja of Natore under the sunset law in 1973 when the was auctioned due to the failures in depositing the government revenue to the
Murshidabad treasury by sunset of the due date.
Meanwhile, partition of British India into to independent countries India and Pakistan, took place in August 1945 .The zamindar being hindu and with his urban base in Calcutta, mentally opted for migration to India . The private forest bill of 1945 became an act in 1949,and with the enforcement of the said act , management of the forest was vested with the government forest department(FD).The East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act 1950 was passed by the government in 1951 and with this, the forest became absolute property of the government.Thus the forest management was sustainable under the private ownership. The threat of introduction of Private Forest act and the time taken to materialize the same from 1945 to1949,the partition of India in 1947 and passage of East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act 1950,all acted unfavorably towardsforest conservation and resulted in colossal damage to the forest , leasing out forest lands hurriedly and surreptitiously.These acts caused land title complications reasons forest destruction in the area.