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Culture, Religion,& Language


04_53d7a46e5c02cIn the matter of faith and belief, the majority of Bangladeshi population is Muslims. The remaining population is consisted of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and others. Even though religion is one the major thing that constitutes human identity, in Bangladesh, there exists no boundary between the people of various religions. In happiness, sadness, or even celebration, we live here like the perpetual siblings of a common motherland. With some powerful Islamic architectural heritage, Muslims in Bangladesh are unique for their peaceful values and devotions. Continue reading “Culture, Religion,& Language”


Geography and Climate


Bangladesh is a “Land of Stories”. Everything of this land tells a story; a story of Bangladeshi people and their heart. Not only the livelihood of Bangladeshi people is deeply rooted in this land, but also their life is deeply incorporated in this lands.


This country has a very fertile alluvial soil which gives the country abundant crops every year. These lands are like our parents, our eternal guardian who take cares of us, nurture us with providing our primitive needs.


Continue reading “Geography and Climate”

National Symbol

National Flag of Bangladesh


flag_of_bangladesh-svg_With a red circle — which represents the rising sun and the bloody sacrifices of countless Bangladeshi people for their freedom — on a bottle green background which symbolizes our wonderful natural resources, the national flag of Bangladesh stands as high as our pride and love for our motherland.

800px-Bangladesh_National_Flag_construct.svgThe sanctity and the dignity of the National Flag is protected and officially preserved by an act of Bangladesh Flag rules, 1972. As per the rules, the national flag is rectangular in size with the length to width ratio of 10:6. Prescribed sizes of the flag for buildings are 305cm X 183cm, 152cm X 91cm and 76cm X 46cm and for vehicles are 38cm X 23cm and 25cm X 15cm. It was designed by famous artist Kamrul Hasan. Continue reading “National Symbol”

History of Bangladesh

After the demise of British Empire in 1947, Bengal was partitioned as a province of West brit_indianempirereligions3Pakistan with being renamed as East Pakistan. Dhaka was declared as its capital. Despite of adequate resources and demographic weight of East Pakistan, the entire Pakistan’s government and military was largely dominated by the upper classes from the west.



2_l9hpkThe government of Pakistan — dominated largely by the west — declared Urdu as the only official language of the entire Pakistan which triggered a massive dissatisfaction among the people of the east. On 21 February, 1952, Bengali students in East Pakistan rose up for the mother tongue and protested against this decision. As police open fired to their possession, several students died for defending their language. The glorified sacrifice of these martyrs is now observed not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world as International Mother Language Day. Continue reading “History of Bangladesh”

Bangladesh at a Glance


Official Name: The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

State Religion: Islam but other main religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity are practiced in peace and harmony.

State Language: Bangla

National Anthem: The first ten lines of “Amar Sonar Bangla”. written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

National Flag: Consists of a circle coloured red throughout its area, resting on a green rectangular background. The length to width ratio of the rectangle is 10:6 and the circle has a radius of one fifth of the length. Continue reading “Bangladesh at a Glance”

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