National Flag of Bangladesh


flag_of_bangladesh-svg_With a red circle — which represents the rising sun and the bloody sacrifices of countless Bangladeshi people for their freedom — on a bottle green background which symbolizes our wonderful natural resources, the national flag of Bangladesh stands as high as our pride and love for our motherland.

800px-Bangladesh_National_Flag_construct.svgThe sanctity and the dignity of the National Flag is protected and officially preserved by an act of Bangladesh Flag rules, 1972. As per the rules, the national flag is rectangular in size with the length to width ratio of 10:6. Prescribed sizes of the flag for buildings are 305cm X 183cm, 152cm X 91cm and 76cm X 46cm and for vehicles are 38cm X 23cm and 25cm X 15cm. It was designed by famous artist Kamrul Hasan. Continue reading “National Symbol”