Moheshkhali Island

moheshes Moheshkhali is a wonderful island in the Bay of Bengal in the north-western side of Cox’s Bazar. It is another attraction for the tourists who go to Cox’s Bazaar.Moheshkhali island is Surrounded with forested hills and some mangrove trees alongside the coastal beach. It’s total area is 262 squre kilometers. Through the center of the island and along the eastern coastline rises, a range of low hills, but the coast to the north and west is a low-lying treat, environed by mangrove jungle. There are a Buddhist temple and a shrine of Adinath on the hill. You will observe here hilly areas,mangrove forests, salt field etcetera. You can go easily to Moheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar. You need to take a Rickshaw from cox’s Bazar go to Ghat no 6, From 6 no. Ghat you can go to this Island by local motorboat or by speedboat. Continue reading “Moheshkhali Island”